Weight Loss Feel Bloated

I'm actually overweight so bloated?
Whether that belly bloated actually translates into extra pounds depends on what's causing it. "If the bloated was caused by gas—for weight-loss/feel-bloatedexample, you ate really fast and swallowed a lot of air, drank carbonated beverages, chewed gum, or consumed too many cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and Brussels sprouts (or one of these five other health foods that can make

Amazing Health Benefits of Palms in Urdu

Vitamin A also protects the human body from lung and oral cavity cancers. Another flavonoid compounds which include beta carotene, lutein and zea xanthin decreases the effect of harmful oxygen derived free radicals. So these compounds are helpful in protection from colon, breast, prostate, endometrial, lung and pancreatic cancer types. The dietary fiber contents also protect the human body from cancer causing chemicals

5 Nutritional Benefits of Dates in Urdu

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Dates
It is a delicious fruit with a delighting sweet taste. And it’s comparatively cheaper too. So for the dry fruit loving people like me it’s a gift. These are mostly found in deserts. So apart from the oasis dates are a boon for the desert people.

Fresh dates are really tasty for its sweet juicy and fleshy part. The seeds are not edible normally but medicines are prepared out of it. We can find dates generally in the month February to

5 Amazing Health & Nutritional Benefits of Eggs

Nutrition Facts of Eggs
Having eggs everyday will solve many of your health problems. Some like the yolk part and for some the egg white is tastier, eat it any way you want it will surely provide you with all the nutrients that is required by your body. Over 90% of calcium and iron provided by the egg is found in egg yolk and half the protein is found in egg white.  So, this makes a good enough reason for having eggs daily and there are various other nutritional benefits that you can get from eggs.

5 Amazing Benefits of Kiwi in Urdu

Kiwi is a power house fruit packed with various sources of energy
1 :  Kiwi is a power house fruit packed with various sources of energy : Kiwi fruits are enriched with lot of vitamin and mineral contents. Its nutrient percentage per calorie is much more than any other fruits.

It contains zero cholesterol, zero sodium, very less fat along with heavy amount of dietary fiber, natural sugar, Vitamins and

Eight Great Benefits of Onions

8 Great Benefits of Onions
Never mind the tears they bring on—onions are an ace ally in your fight against disease. A prized member of the lily family, they lavish you with health benefits while adding of taste to your food.

A quick glimpse at their incredible health benefits:

The phytochemicals in onions improve the working of Vitamin C in the body, thus gifting you with improved immunity.

Many Benefits of Lemon Juice

Many Benefits of Lemon Juice
There are a lot of benefits of lemon juice. It is easily available in low price. It is cultivated throughout the year but in summer is is mostly use. Lemon is a small fruit but is has many benefits which are very important for our body. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron and Copper. The health benefits of lemon are often underestimated.

Weight-Loss Benefits From Olive Oil

Weight-Loss Benefits From Olive Oil
Carrying too much weight is a condition that goes hand-in-hand with high levels of cholesterol, heart disease, and other ailments. But there's good news: Merely switching to monounsaturated fats, which also work against those other diseases, will in itself help you lose a few pounds

Diabetes Benefits From Olive Oil

Diabetes Benefits From Olive Oil
Diabetes causes severe spikes and drops in blood sugar levels, so people with this disease have to be very careful to maintain blood sugar. One way to do this is to eat a diet low in carbohydrates. Now, some researchers are starting to think that a diet high in monounsaturated fats

Cancer Benefits From Olive Oil

Cancer Benefits From Olive Oil
There once was a time when medical researchers linked various cancers to the amount of fat in our diets. Now, many believe that the type of fat is more important than the amount. There is plenty of controversy and much research left to be done on the role olive oil may play in the fight against cancer

Inflammation Benefits From Olive Oil

Inflammation Benefits From Olive Oil
Inflammation is the immune system's first line of defense against injury and infection. It's a natural process that is designed to heal. But too much of a good thing can be painful and ultimately harmful to the body

Heart Benefits From Olive Oil

Heart Benefits From Olive Oil
It seems like a simple change, but switching from saturated fats to monounsaturated fat to prepare your food can produce big benefits. Researchers have shown that the phytochemicals in olive oil can fight cholesterol and prevent heart disease

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive Oil Health Basics
Olive trees first grew in the Mediterranean region thousands of years ago. They have spread to all areas of the world as the health benefits of olive oil have become well documented. It just so happens that nature provided dietary fats in the olive in the extra ratio that human beings need them. On this page you'll learn about different dietary fats and why the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats in olives are beneficial.

Benefit of Drinking Green Tea

Benefit of drinking green tea

Benefit of drinking green tea: The proof is in -- drinking tea is healthy, says Harvard Women’s Health Watch

Although tea drinking has been associated with health benefits for centuries, only in recent years have its medicinal properties been investigated scientifically. The October issue of Harvard Women's Health Watch recognizes the healthy power of tea while helping readers get the most out of their cups.

Choose Your Sweets Wisely

Choose Your Sweets Wisely
Can’t resist the candy bowl? There may be a way to control your sweet tooth without depriving yourself entirely: New research suggests that people eat less candy when it’s individually wrapped or served with tongs, according to a new series of studies appearing in the December issue of Appetite. In the studies, researchers asked participants to taste-test wrapped and unwrapped chocolates and dried fruit. In some scenarios, they were served with tongs, while in others, they were served without them. Interestingly, people ate nearly 30 percent less when they had to unwrap the food or use tongs

Eliminate Unnecessary Facial Hair in Urdu

Eliminate Unnecessary Facial Hair in Urdu
Try the following remedies by Dr. Khurram to get rid of your unwanted hair on your cheek and chin. 

Hair Removal Tips 

1. Get your face hot-waxed after every 15 days. It will weaken the roots of hair. 

2. Take 6 to 8 sessions of oxygen therapy or blue peel.

Best Health Tips for Men in Urdu

Best natural tips to improve your body shape for men, women

Best natural tips to improve your body shape for men, women

Body shaping is one of the primary interests of women these days. Body shaping not only helps in maintaining an attractive body but also means to maintain good health and balanced body.

Eye Health Tips in Urdu for Women

Eye Health Tips in Urdu
Health And Attraction Of Eyes:  Eyes are most Attracted part of our body.For a women eyes are the best assets, but eyes need some special care for getting attractive, beautiful and magnificent.
Your eyes are an important part of your health. You can do many things to keep them healthy and make sure you’re seeing your best. Follow these simple guidelines for maintaining

The Best 5 Winter Safety Tips for Kids

The Best 5 Winter Safety Tips for Kids

1: Be Ready to Play Inside 

No matter how well bundled a child is, and no matter how much that new sled wants a workout, children should not play outside during snowstorms. And even if there's no snow on the ground, there may be a point when it's just too cold to go outdoors. You don't want your child to run recklessly through the house, nor do you don't want him or her to sit in front of the television all day, munching on holiday candy. That's why it's important to have safe but active indoors activities on hand for the winter.

Sculpt a Lean Body Workout

Sculpt a Lean Body Workout
 Get the enviable physique dancers are famous for with this body shaping workout. The best part: You'll barely move a muscle

The secret to scoring a dancer's trim and toned shape is to work your muscles less than you're used to. Yep, you read that right. Dancers practice concentrated movements that function as deep sculpting tools to create long, lean muscles. Those coveted results are what have inspired dance-infused fitness

Your Best Cardioversion Workout: Cycling

Your Best Cardioversion Workout: Cycling
Once upon a time, exercising wasn't a chore. Remember it? Back when you were a kid, hopping on a two-wheeler wasn't a way to burn off last night's ice cream cone—it was fun. Today, many women are rekindling that childhood love by pedaling to work, competing in races, or just tooling around town. They're finding that biking isn't just a welcome break from mind-numbing elliptical sessions: It's a surefire way to slim down and tone your tush—and look smokin' in those spandex shorts

Get The most out of your cycling workout with these tips on proper cycling form and technique

You never forget how to ride a bike. But a few pointers can help you get more out of your workout. Olympian Alison Dunlap, who runs mountain-bike skills clinics in Utah and Colorado, offers these tips for elevating your ride to the next level.

Eyes On the Prize

Resist the urge to put your head down when you're going hard or getting
tired. It can slow your oxygen intake, tiring you out faster. (Not to mention it spells danger on the road.