Skin Care and Rejuvenation

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Construction of Basic Health units in Pakistan

The project is funded by RAPID FUND Pakistan and is executed by Healthisblog and the local NGO WISES. The project teams surveyed and assessed the damages and need for repair. 11 Basic Health Facilities were selected in Jacobabad district and 9 in Kambar Shahdadkot district

Mental health and psycho-social support program

In September 2010, in collaboration with TPO Nepal, a psychosocial rapid assessment took place in the flood affected areas of Sindh and Punjab, to assess the mental and psychosocial impact on children in these provinces. The results showed trauma at both an individual and group level: serious mental or cognitive disabilities (especially in young children) were determined, as well as loss of hope and future perspective. In addition, feelings of helplessness and resignation, aggressive behaviour, disaster stress, trauma and grief reactions were common. The results were followed by recommendations to Plan Pakistan’s programme.