Weight Loss Feel Bloated

I'm actually overweight so bloated?
Whether that belly bloated actually translates into extra pounds depends on what's causing it. "If the bloated was caused by gas—for weight-loss/feel-bloatedexample, you ate really fast and swallowed a lot of air, drank carbonated beverages, chewed gum, or consumed too many cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and Brussels sprouts (or one of these five other health foods that can make

Amazing Health Benefits of Palms in Urdu

Vitamin A also protects the human body from lung and oral cavity cancers. Another flavonoid compounds which include beta carotene, lutein and zea xanthin decreases the effect of harmful oxygen derived free radicals. So these compounds are helpful in protection from colon, breast, prostate, endometrial, lung and pancreatic cancer types. The dietary fiber contents also protect the human body from cancer causing chemicals

5 Nutritional Benefits of Dates in Urdu

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Dates
It is a delicious fruit with a delighting sweet taste. And it’s comparatively cheaper too. So for the dry fruit loving people like me it’s a gift. These are mostly found in deserts. So apart from the oasis dates are a boon for the desert people.

Fresh dates are really tasty for its sweet juicy and fleshy part. The seeds are not edible normally but medicines are prepared out of it. We can find dates generally in the month February to

5 Amazing Health & Nutritional Benefits of Eggs

Nutrition Facts of Eggs
Having eggs everyday will solve many of your health problems. Some like the yolk part and for some the egg white is tastier, eat it any way you want it will surely provide you with all the nutrients that is required by your body. Over 90% of calcium and iron provided by the egg is found in egg yolk and half the protein is found in egg white.  So, this makes a good enough reason for having eggs daily and there are various other nutritional benefits that you can get from eggs.

5 Amazing Benefits of Kiwi in Urdu

Kiwi is a power house fruit packed with various sources of energy
1 :  Kiwi is a power house fruit packed with various sources of energy : Kiwi fruits are enriched with lot of vitamin and mineral contents. Its nutrient percentage per calorie is much more than any other fruits.

It contains zero cholesterol, zero sodium, very less fat along with heavy amount of dietary fiber, natural sugar, Vitamins and