Health Care For Children

Children and health care
Hello Parents and Grandparents…
Welcome!  I am very pleased to bring you a blog full of tips and information about childrens health issues that you can use to feel more secure about raising healthy kids in today’s hectic world!
What a precious gift that brand-new beautiful baby is, and yet  it’s a concern for all to protect that baby as it grows into its teen years and beyond.
Childrens health issues today are very different than those in the past.   Science has made significant progress  that has for the most part eliminated devastating childhood diseases such as polio and smallpox which terrified parents in past generations.

However, the 21st century has brought a whole new set of problems and threats to our childrens health.
We now are faced with epidemics in childhood asthma as well as childhood obesity.  Another huge problem area is the chemicals found in common household cleaners with their harmful effects on childrens health.
There are however, many steps we can take as parents to help avoid or lessen childrens illness.
                                            A Quick Peek At What’s Inside This Blog:
  • Does feeding kids nutritious food and natural supplements have an  influence on their health?
  • The scoop on fast food restaurants and junk food
  • Are organic produce and meats healthier?
  • Causes for overweight kids… now an epidemic… are …
  • Another main problem adding to children’s illness is the toxic household cleaners we use in our homes and schools…find out what they are.
    Do you have them lurking under your sink?
In spite of our best efforts as parents, there are those times that children’s illness does affect our families.